One Man’s friend

A new article in Unity takes a closer look at the subjectivity of the appellation “terrorist” and how double standards are deeply engrained in Imperialist narratives.

Is the PUL ready to engage in a debate about Irish Unity?

Eoin Ó Murchu poses several trenchant questions on the role of the Protestant, Unionist and Loyalist community in the debate for Irish Unity. An argument for local democracy may find a ready audience, and Ó Murchu argues this will pose a challenge to those who would see the European Commission ascendant in a United Ireland.

PSNI in Disarray

Lynda Walker writes on the failure of the PSNI to address its legacy of collusion, further antagonising sectarian division in society and community distrust.

The Anti-Fascist fight at home

Adam Murray writes of the re-emergence of the Irish far-right as the bourgeois state fails to keep it confined to its usual cesspits. Shameless use of Nazi imagery by the far-right in Belfast is a call to action for anti-fascists.

Shifting the Burden

Frank Keoghan shines a light on the significant loss of Irish fishing quotas as a result of Brexit. The EU’s cynical sacrifice of Ireland’s fishing sector as a bargaining chip could have serious consequences for biodiversity, livelihoods and the diversity of domestic production in Ireland, as the resulting losses are made up at the expense of underdeveloped nations.