Updates On Day of Strike Action 18/01/2024

Workers constantly have to struggle to get pay increases but in Northern Ireland at the present time public sector workers are facing a double struggle, the money is there (whether it will be sufficient remains to be seen) but there is no regional government to oversee wage increases.

government indifference fans flames of racism

The bourgeois troika government in Ireland continues to wring its hands and stands idly by while far-right violence and domestic terrorism in Ireland escalates to new extremes. Eoin Ó Murchú writes for Unity on the dire consequences of allowing far-right narratives to blossom and the pressing need for the Left to step up and provide the leadership needed by communities.

One Man’s friend

A new article in Unity takes a closer look at the subjectivity of the appellation “terrorist” and how double standards are deeply engrained in Imperialist narratives.