Sinn Fein’s Setbacks

Eoin Ó Murchú writes for Unity on the causes and context of Sinn Féin’s mediocre result in the 2024 local and European elections, as well as its implications for progressive politics in Ireland.

government indifference fans flames of racism

The bourgeois troika government in Ireland continues to wring its hands and stands idly by while far-right violence and domestic terrorism in Ireland escalates to new extremes. Eoin Ó Murchú writes for Unity on the dire consequences of allowing far-right narratives to blossom and the pressing need for the Left to step up and provide the leadership needed by communities.

One Man’s friend

A new article in Unity takes a closer look at the subjectivity of the appellation “terrorist” and how double standards are deeply engrained in Imperialist narratives.

Is the PUL ready to engage in a debate about Irish Unity?

Eoin Ó Murchu poses several trenchant questions on the role of the Protestant, Unionist and Loyalist community in the debate for Irish Unity. An argument for local democracy may find a ready audience, and Ó Murchu argues this will pose a challenge to those who would see the European Commission ascendant in a United Ireland.

PSNI in Disarray

Lynda Walker writes on the failure of the PSNI to address its legacy of collusion, further antagonising sectarian division in society and community distrust.