Updates On Day of Strike Action 18/01/2024

“Today’s announcement by Translink unions and by Further Education college unions that they will be participating in the generalized day of action on 18 January is both welcome and essential in making this the most significant single day of action for the trade union movement in a generation.”

(ICTU-10th January)

UNISON stated that:

“The absence of devolved government must not be used to obstruct a resolution of our long standing and just demands. Secretary of State Chris Heaton- Harris has abandoned his responsibilities to ensure that the rights and needs of working people here are not neglected.

The collective punishment of our public service workers and the public delivered through these draconian budget cuts cannot be allowed to stand!”

Education members, alongside members in health and the community and voluntary sectors, will not stand back and watch.

“Public Sector workers in their unions are planning joint mobilisation through the Irish Congress of Trade Unions on JANUARY 18TH 2024. Expect to hear more from us soon! Working together, we will end this blockade on resolution of the widespread industrial action that you’ve been a part of, and that’s still ongoing.   We’re confident you will all join in that collective effort with us, for the benefit of all workers in the public sector, and of all those who depend on the services we need these essential workers to deliver. We will be heard

Our Demands :We want a fair grading structure that: standardises all grades. These with other changes together would make a good start to a fair deal for the staff in education. ‘‘You’re the people that look after our future generations. And our future generations need the best. You’re the best. That needs to be recognised in your pay, in your grading, and in the money that you’re owed.’’ – Regional Secretary Patricia McKeown to members at a recent demonstration.

Teachers Strike

NI teachers have announced their action upcoming date of 18th January when further strike action will take place. They say  “it is with the heaviest of hearts that each  every member feels cornered into this action.” Jacquie White, General Secretary of the Ulster Teachers’ Union said that the unions have been “left with no option but to formally inform our employers of our decision”.

“Since before Christmas there has been no last minute resolution to our pay and conditions dispute,”  UTU, alongside the four other main teaching unions in Northern Ireland, say they have been left with no option to take action given that their long-running pay claim began in 2020.

N.I. Junior Doctors’ Ballot

The first ever strike ballot of junior doctors working in Northern Ireland opened on the 8th of January. The ballot which runs for six weeks could result in a 24-hour walk out from 8am on 6th March if BMA members vote for strike action the results will be announced on 19th February. The BMA’s Northern Ireland junior doctor’s committee (NIJDC) say the decision has been taken due to the continued failure to address pay erosion, which now equates to a 30% reduction in 15 years..

Workers constantly have to struggle to get pay increases but in Northern Ireland at the present time public sector workers are facing a double struggle, the money is there (whether it will be sufficient remains to be seen) but there is no regional government to oversee wage increases.

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