Statement on Irish Recognition of Palestinian Statehood 29/05/2024

The Irish Communist Party welcomes the recognition of the Palestinian state by the Irish government under Simon Harris. This is a step in the right direction insofar as it recognises the right of the Palestinian people to statehood and national self-determination. The battle for an actualization of this Palestinian state is still being played out in Gaza and the West Bank where a political and military struggle continues to be led by different Palestinian organisations.

In the face of the Palestinian struggle for national self-determination and the return of occupied lands is a US-backed state, that verges on fascism: ‘Israel’.

Contrary to US, EU and Israeli proclamations about commitments to human rights and democracy, all three have, despite the peoples’ opposition, continued to facilitate and carry out a ruthless and bloody genocide to cleanse the land and proceed to settle it; in addition to preventing food and medical aid into Gaza. This logically poses the concrete problem of how a Palestinian state of any kind will function with such a bloodthirsty and aggressive neighbour.

The recognition of the Palestinian state carries significant symbolic weight. With this recognition should now come further tangible and real actions, such as the introduction of sanctions on trade, the recalling of the Irish ambassador and continued diplomatic pressure in support and favour of the Palestinian people.

And following the insulting and gross abuse of diplomatic protocol when the Israeli government attempted to bully and humiliate our representative in Tel Aviv, we should not allow the Israeli ambassador back into our country. A state which acts with such hostility to us, in additionto its vile crimes against the Palestinian people, is not one we can treat with in the normal diplomatic way.

Progressive forces in Ireland have shown collective solidarity for Palestine and delivered this political decision made by the establishment. We must keep marching, keep protesting, keep occupying, keep shouting, keep sharing and keep organising in support of Palestine.

The transit of US military planes through Aldergrove and Shannon must end. The territorial waters must be closed to NATO warships and all government funding finding its way into Israel must be stopped.

Finally, it is essential to note that the nature of the EU continues to be exposed and it is our responsibility as anti-imperialists and communists to initiate and engage in debates around the nature of the EU. The EU is not some sort of benign peace-loving institution that promotes human rights; it is an institutionally capitalistic and imperialistic structure that revels in the former savagery of its kings, queens and Empires.

The brutality enacted on the Palestinian people is but the slipping of the façade that the EU has hidden behind.

Behind the mask of the EU, we once more see the colonial masters of old; who in the name of their fortunes, in the name of supremacy for their ‘democratic’ Empire, will allow and encourage genocide in full view of the world and attempt to blame the victims.

Long live the Palestinian resistance; the fight goes on!

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