on the Escalation of Conflict Between Occupied Palestine and Apartheid Israel

Statement by the National Executive Committee of the Irish Communist Party on the Escalation of Conflict Between Occupied Palestine and Apartheid Israel.


The Israeli Defence Ministry, armed, trained and funded by the West. has for almost 80 years inflicted severe physical, psychological and emotional destruction on the people of Palestine. The last few days marks a savage escalation in the occupation as Israel openly embraces the destruction of Palestine and Palestinians.

Western governments have ignored for decades the apartheid which Israel inflicts on a daily basis upon the Palestinian people. They have for decades pushed Palestinians into tightly controlled sectors, whilst illegally occupying Palestinian land, bulldozing Palestinian homes and allowing violent settler militias to ethnically cleanse the Palestinian people from their own land.

Palestinians are herded daily like cattle into Israel to carry out work for the Israeli capitalist class, under the watchful eye of surveillance technology and armed IDF soldiers. Palestinians are denied access to holy sites, and the threat of violence and arrest hangs over them at all times.

The Israeli government blockades Palestine, and even now subjects the Palestinian people to mass punishment by restricting aid, food, water and electricity to Gaza.

Against this backdrop of decades of violence, apartheid and state terrorism, there has been no solidarity from Western capitalist government, as has been seen for white Ukrainians. No Western states fly flags for Palestine, no mass mobilisations are organised by the government, no open door asylum process exists for the people of Palestine. The European Union will once more close ranks with Israel and the USA, and show its double standards.

The Irish Communist Party condemns the ethically insidious deception of Irish politicians who talk about ‘both sides’ of the conflict, when the weight of structural and endemic violence rests squarely in the shoulders of one actor: Israel.

Ireland has a potential positive role to play in peaceful negotiations, but instead Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and Labour see themselves as part of an EU elite, forgetting past commitments made by the Irish state to foster conflict resolution in favour of advancing the interests of the Israeli state.

It is clear that Israeli apartheid and the blunt force approach of the Israeli state to the people of Palestine has only stoked further division and further hatred, it has to end. The occupation must cease. The settlements must cease. Palestinian’s human rights must be respected, including their right to return home and live safely and peacefully.

At the same time, the intentional killing of unarmed civilians in any conflict is a war crime which should be opposed.

The Irish Communist Party condemns the murder of Palestine by Western guns, tanks and bombs and charts out the following demands for all progressive organisations to campaign on:

– Relaxation of asylum rules for Palestinian asylum seekers and political refugees;

– Implementation of sanctions against the state of Israel and all associated entities;

– Directing all state and semi-state entities to cancel contracts and several financial ties with Israeli entities and subsidiaries;

-Directing all private entities involved in the manufacturing and procurements of components used for the Israeli arms industry to cancel their projects;

– The expulsion of the Israeli ambassador and their staff from Ireland

The Irish Communist Party believes that Ireland must give the same generous support to the people of Palestine that it has given for the people of Ukraine.

We will endeavour to support rallies, protests and actions which take place up and down the country and call on others to do the same. Solidarity to the people of Palestine brutalised for decades by the violent settler colonial state of Israel, they will persevere!

The Irish Communist Party supports the statement made by the Communist Party of Israel (MKI) and Hadash blaming the “criminal occupation policy of the far-right Netanyahu government,” for posing “grave dangers” for peace in the region.



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