Irish Communist Party Statement on the Greek Elections 20/05/2023

ICP Statement – Stand with KKE in the Greek Elections!

On 21st of May, the Greek people will cast their votes in the 2023 Greek legislative election. This election is of particular significance because it is the first occasion on which the Greek diaspora will be permitted to vote without returning to Greece, allowing a voice for Greeks abroad when their poll opens on the 20th May, a day before the home poll.

The Greek people have been repeatedly left down and betrayed by establishment parties. It is vital that communists and workers in Ireland analyse the situation correctly and reject the illusion that Syriza and MeRA25 are parties of the workers. They represent the same class-collaborationist interests and false promises. When they had the opportunity to effect change, they shrunk from the challenge and subjected the Greek people to a decade of austerity and erosion of sovereignty at the hands of the European Union.

We in the Irish Communist Party express our solidarity with the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) and we voice our support for the Greek Communists. Only a vote for KKE will challenge the dominance of capitalism. Only a vote for KKE can advance the interests of the Greek workers. Only a strong communist party can hold the capitalist and EU backed parties to account and defend the cause of the people. The workers are strong united, and the KKE is leading that unity in Greece.

As European nations continue to be drawn into the vortex of war mongering by NATO and EU mobilisation, it is critical that every country has the opportunity to put forward a principled opposition. As Workers’ Rights continue to be eroded and living standards continue to fall, only the Communist Party of Greece can resist this trend and vindicate the dignity of the people against the threats of the powerful. The KKE, through its work, has shown that principles backed up with intelligent tactics can win against all odds and has acted as an inspiration to Communists all throughout Europe.

Let us work together to build a Europe of fraternity between peoples: a united bloc against the machinations of the imperialists. The future will be red. 

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