international statement 21/11/23

The NEC of the Irish Communist Party – Páirtí Cummanach Éireann met on the 04.11.2023 and discussed points of action which party members would co-ordinate through people’s institutions and mass organisations. To assist that effort it was agreed to release an analytical statement on the Israeli invasion of Gaza as it continues and summarise some of the slogans that must be promoted in our lines of work.

  1. Ireland’s unique place 

As one of few countries in the Western world that has been colonised as ruthlessly as the global south, Ireland shares a unique political heritage where anti-imperialist and anti-colonialist struggle is welcomed.  As a result, the perspective of the broad sections of the population has been historically sympathetic to the oppression of the Palestinian people and this has been reflected in the mass mobilisations and protests of the people. 

It is important to capture this high level of politicisation of thousands of people in Ireland and highlight some of the contradictions coming to the forefront of Irish society with particular emphasis on the nefarious role of the EU in facilitating and prolonging the suffering of the Palestinian people.

  1. Role of the EU and NATO

The role of Western countries aligned to the capitalist-imperialist bloc in openly endorsing, funding and facilitating genocide has become clear to hundreds of millions of people of different political persuasion. Even those who have been liberally minded in Ireland and other Western countries have been raising their opposition to the manner in which European leaders such as Ursula von der Leyen, Macron, Sunak and others have fallen in behind the genocide that Israel is carrying out. We believe this is an important moment of clarity for our class and must be further cemented through political interventions and debates within working class communities and institutions. The EU and NATO have spent two years decrying the Russian invasion of Ukraine on the grounds of human rights, comparatives to Nazism and other grandiose claims of morality. What the carte blanche allowance for Israeli war crimes demonstrates is that the imperialist mentality of permitting genocide remains firmly entrenched in Brussels, Paris, Washington and London. 

  1. Escalation of military conflict 

The opening of this new theatre of war is part of a broader series of events regarding the decay of the American empire and the development of a multipolar world.  Anti-Western movements of both progressive and reactionary character are consciously aware that sanctions are no longer impenetrable and there is another pole in the form of China and Russia that can be looked to should encirclement occur.  Whether it is in West Africa, Kosovo, Ukraine or the Middle-East, the escalation of military confrontation and conflict takes place in this context and has severe implications for the stability of the so-called ‘rules based order’.   This is equally facilitated by large capitalist countries such as Russia, Iran, Brazil, and those tied into the alternative world financial system of BRICS to counteract US hegemony.   

  1. Fianna Fail and Fine Gael are attempting to bring the rest of Ireland into NATO

While the North is under British jurisdiction and hosts British troops and NATO troops, a battle rages in the South over the question of neutrality. The establishment parties have attempted to create stitched up ‘forums’ which through disruption and challenge have only embarrassed them. Public opinion in the South has also demonstrated majority support for neutrality. Nonetheless, war games within the EU and with NATO, arms conventions for more advanced weaponry and continued meetings about Irish integration and participation in the imperialist bloc continue unabated. Shannon continues to serve as a primary stopping location for the US military.  

  1. Solidarity, mass work and agitation 

The Party re-affirms its solidarity to the people of Palestine and their struggle for freedom and dignity against the entire world imperialist bloc of capitalist powers.  In particular we commit ourselves to highlight the slaughter of Palestinian people and the commission of heinous war crimes by the Israeli Defence Forces.

We give a commitment that our Party will agitate, intervene and take action where we are active in aid of the Palestinian national liberation struggle towards establishing a sovereign, independent and dignified Palestinian state that is free from the oppressive and cruel hand of Western imperialism.

  1. International party co-operation 

We underline that communist parties must work together, communicate and collaborate in common cause against monopoly capitalism and the bourgeoisie. We send solidarity and fraternal greetings to communist parties all over the world engaged in such a struggle and commit ourselves to aiding and supporting said parties where possible. 

We invite fraternal communist parties and members of their diaspora in Ireland to connect with us as we struggle together against the slaughter of the Palestinian people and for a better world.

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